Monday, November 14, 2011

Check Out My Video!

I'm not really comfortable in front of the camera, but after awhile it does get easier!  The quality of this video in terms of lighting, sound, etc. does need work.  I was by myself and had to use two boxes stacked on top of each other to hold the camera.   My goal for this video was to practice my on screen presence and show people some of our best selling products.  We have a lot of unique products and I need to get the word out.  I'm going to be doing several of these videos that includes instructional videos, tips, tricks, etc. on how to make soap, how to make scrubs, aromatherapy information, and information about ingredients in cosmetics.

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Bear Foot Preacher said...

I was in your shop a couple of days ago and spoke with you. " Renee"
I love your soap. Very soft, smells good, feels good, lathers well it made me look forward to a bath. I wish you well and I don't say things like that often..... I am that picky person, my skin feels itchy a lot of the time and cannot use any thing on my body...God Bless you.

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