Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Time!

It's almost that time of year!  Yes, the Spring season........ the grass starts turning green again and people are out shopping for their gardens!

Speaking of gardners - I was turned down from the Cherry Street Farmer's Market here in Tulsa.  It's supposedly the big one around here.  Apparently their "committee" is resistant to more soap vendors.  Last time I was there I probably saw 1 or 2 - and they were much much different than my bath & body products - they were more county hometown looking soap.  Most of the time the vendor sells vegetables and then a few country soaps.  I was disappointed because I thought that surely they'd see that my products are awesome!  OK, of course I'm bias :)   Truthfully though, it seems like you have to be on the 'inside' around here to get into any kind of market!   How many people sell carrots or peppers?? You know it's more than 1 or 2!!!  I was hoping it'd be a nice weekly event I could do to meet more locals.  I don't think I'll continue to try and apply to markets anymore - it seems like a lost cause around Tulsa. 

Instead, I've been focusing on getting my products into some stores.   There is an AWESOME garden store/gift shop opening here in Tulsa called The Garden Trug (!  The two ladies who own the store - Marcy and Sue - are absolutely great!  They will be carrying a ton of my products!   They're in the perfect location in South Tulsa- right down the street from a sleu of garden-heavy neighborhoods!